Steps To Complete This Technical Assistance Program

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Be sure to double check your efforts with this checklist. All courses must show 100% completion to be eligible to apply to the Cannabis Business Pilot Grant Program. Don't worry, we will help confirm completion.

  • Enroll in the bundle. Click the "Enroll In Bundle Now" button below.

  • Complete each course. Your Dashboard will show 100% completion.

  • Receive Certificate of Completion once all courses are complete.

  • If applying to the Pilot Grant Program, submit the Certificate of Completion to the Cannabis Business Office. A member of the office will then confirm that all courses were completed in full.

One click to enroll in the CBO Business Foundations coursework bundle. For free!

Enrolling in the bundle will automatically enroll you in all available courses. Once enrolled, you can view all courses in your Dashboard.


  • Who can participate?

    This on-demand educational curriculum is available to all Colorado residents free of charge.

  • How much does this cost?

    All courses are free of charge.

  • How long will this take?

    You should plan to spend about an hour on each course. This does not include the time it will take to complete the optional assignments.

  • Am I required to complete the assignments?

    The assignments are optional. However, completing the assignments will better prepare you to build a business plan.

  • Are the surveys required?

    Yes. Your answers allow us to build better programming in the future.